About us

Hello! My name is Katerina or Kate to be short)

I'm a full time lampworker - I create beads in a flame of a torch using glass. This kind of art is called lampwork and it has been known for centuries.

I fell in love with glass in 2008 and since then I dedicate most of my time to melting glass in my workshop. Main focus of my work is on European style bracelet charms. I create several collection with limited amount of beads every year. My signature beads are beach themed.

I use in my work Italian glass from Murano (Effetre), Creation is Messy (CiM), Lauscha, Double Helix and other brands.

If you have any questions, please, contact me via email


or via Instagram messages @INVSea

Why INVSea?

Simply cause - I need vitamin SEA all year round and also (not so obvious) I envy sea.

My inspiration is beach theme and I'm huge fan of coastal style of living. My signature beads are charms with tiny glass shells.

When European bracelet systems first appeared on the market I was fascinated with the possibilities of this kind of jewelry. And my first thought was - I want to try to make beads for them. So, I bought Pandora bracelet and started experimenting. Back in the days it was almost impossible to find right tools so lampworkers helped each other and share knowledge.

I'm really happy how my hobby turned out into small family business. So I can dedicate my time to the job I love most - playing with glass.

Our family lives in small European country Slovakia (former Czechoslovakia). My husband is also helping me a lot with bracelet beads (he cleans them, makes all silver cores and eyelets).

Self Representing Artist in lampwork - SRA #K-91

Self Representing Artist in Jewelry Design - SRAJD #2620