My glass lampwork studio

My glass lampwork studio

Spring is coming and I feel need to clean and clean my small lampwork glass studio))

Goal for today - reorganizing my glass rods storage. This was on my to-do list for months. It's kinda messy right now and I don't like these plastic shelves at all( they crack under glass weight. but they are really handy for stringers.

So we bought some plastic pipes in plumbers section, cut them and made nice glass storage sections. Pipes have to be thick so they will not quickly deform.

I also have some recycled thick paper rolls which I planned to use (they worked just fine 😍).
It took me almost 4 hours to clean and move everything - I mostly use Effetre and CiM (Creation is Messy) brands but also have others on hand. So my goal was also to separate some specific glass rods so I can find them easily.

And I wanted to make some space for new glass and glass I want to try first.

The worst nightmare is sorting glass that you don’t remember the names and can’t identify 🥵 I have some rods that I bought like 8-10 years ago!

But seriously I also have several shelves with mixed glass in basement - that’s my goal for future.

Now it's much better looking glass storage! And have free space for more pipes and more glass to play with)

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